Curatorial Projects

Curatorial Projects

Indifference / A Pain Ignored, Angela Pryor, oil on canvas, 40 x 60 in.

Michele Foyer / MAX Occupancy Art Projects curates contemporary art exhibitions. Highlights of shows include the following:

Carissa Potter Carlson + Heather Van Winckle:
A subtle set of interventions use a hotel as a site of inspiration to re-contextualize small moments of the everyday.

SKY LEVEL / Percy Cannon
Percy Cannon's abstract paintings suggest the flat screen of the Mario Brothers’ video games, quirky passages of a Giotto fresco and views from a moving car.

RESONANT FORMS / Laura Boles Faw + Catherine Fairbanks:
The collaborative exhibition investigates the notion of the object through a series of duet installations.

Annie May Johnston maps a psychogeography of life in apartment buildings. Johnston records overlapping memories and sensations through her maximalist use of layer, pattern and collage. Her works often combine paintings within paintings and divergent perspectives that afford the multiplicity and simultaneity of a digital screen.

At times, this Tournesol Prize winner's powerful paintings evoke a longing for the healing force of utopian ideals, and at others, the usurpation of those same ideals into a rationale for war.

SLEIGHT OF HAND / Angela Pryor
Angela Pryor conjures both disappearances and appearances in a vibrant magical realist style as she explores the complications of memory and the writing of history in 1970s Argentina.

HARVEST / Jennie Lennick
Jennie Lennick reinterprets traditional domestic feminine imagery into hybrids of drawing, sculpture, fiber and functional items that navigate high art, craft and memory. She explores the place of food between memory and the desire for connection.

FLOCK / Lisa McCutcheon
The artist melds discrete sensations by a collage process of cutting and reconfiguring prior works, as well as layering, painting and drawing on mylar. The resulting new imagery on yupo paper invites the viewer to contemplate the nature of the image, the one and the many and vulnerability and aggression.

ENDLESS FOREST / Angelique Benicio
The artist subverts traditional notions of the innocence of childhood with figurative paintings evocative of both eerie and enchanted Grimm’s fairytales.

FLIGHT MAPS / Patricia Sonnino
Different spaces with individual artistic languages inhabit Pat Sonnino's colorful and layered works on wood panel. Hard edges meet and zoom off into soft ones, shallow spaces swerve into deep, and opaque colors collide with luminous.The juxtapositions of these arrangements resemble a still life in flight.